Why you should install a Green Roof Replacement

Air pollution and climate change has hugely affected the environment. If nothing is done, it will continue to deteriorate. Everyone can play their role to ensure eco-friendly living. As a homeowner, who wants to replace their roof, you can instead go for a living roof otherwise known as a green roof. Roof Replacement in Patterson Lakes is easily sorted out.

  • Understanding what a Green Roof is

As a homeowner, you will benefit great from replacing your old roof with a green one. These kinds of roofs are either completely or partially covered with light green vegetation. The roof has features such as a drainage system, protectant waterproof layer, irrigation system and a root barrier. It depends on that particular roof. When replacing your conventional roof with a green one, you will be in peace since they are designed in a way that the vegetation will not damage it.

Advantages of Installing a Green Roof

The only reason that has led to many homeowners replacing their old roofs with the green ones is the myriad benefits they have.

  • They reduce energy costs. In areas where there are plenty of vegetation, the temperatures seems to be calm. This roof reduces energy costs in your home.
  • They are durable. While the longevity of a conventional roof is less than 40 years, a green roof lasts for more than 5 decades.
  • Less risk of water damage. Some roofs easily get water damage especially during winter. With the living roofs, this is something that you do not have to worry about. The drainage system and the waterproof layers prevents water damage.
  • Air quality is improved. This is vital to both humans and animals. The roof helps in filtering pollutants and increasing the air quality around.
  • You have preferred plants on your roof. Perhaps you do not have enough space for a kitchen garden. A green roof gives you the opportunity to have one. You can grow your preferred flowers and other light plants on your roof.
  • It’s an all-weather roof. You do not have to be worried about what happens in summer or winter. This is an all-weather roof.

How is the Roof Maintained?

For the plants on your roof to thrive, regular maintenance is needed especially in the first days. If there is no irrigation system, the plants will need to be watered until they settle. The other things to do is to ensure that it is weeded from time to time and to avoid planting heavy plants. You want the roof to look its best thus it’s important you take good care of it.

Replacing your roof with a new one gives your home a new look. In the modern day, it’s advisable that you choose an eco-friendly roof that will not only benefit you as the homeowner, but also the environment. The additional maintenance might be a setback for some but this is only required in the first months of installation. Ensure that the soil maintains the required pH levels and you only have lightweight plants on the roof.